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oh my [Jul. 15th, 2010|12:37 am]
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[sanguine or pristine? |scaredscared]

I have a stalker.
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stolen from smadaf [May. 26th, 2007|11:12 pm]
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[how I jam: |Evolve by Ani Difranco]

Fun Fun Randomness
Have you ever been to a different country?:almost went to China, but trip was abolished after the 9/11 occurrence
Are you a vegetarian?:most of the time
Do you play a musical instrument?:Violin and piano
Are you double jointed?:no..but I've managed to make my hands do some odd things before
Can you whistle?:yup
Do you have any special talents?:mmm... lemme get back to you on that
Have you ever cried in front of others?:yes
Do you shower daily?:with a few exceptions, yes
Name one bad habit of yours::I bite my nails.. It's a disgusting habit.
What friend of your boyfriend/girlfriend do you find the most attractive?:uh.. yeah.. nah. But, if we were going with ex's, I'd say Travis
Is chubby cute?:abso-fucking-lutely
Have you ever been hospitalized?:yes
Ever done something real bad?:no
Ever got caught doing something bad?:um,... well .. I didn't consider it bad anyways
Rate your dancing skills 1-10::-5? They're abominal. There's a reason I don't go to clubs. Though, I was taught the waltz.. but that's not really dancing. Just moving in a circular fashion.
Are you single?:no
If not, what's your significant other's name?:Casey
What's your sign?:Leo.. Ox.. O'er that way..
What's your middle name?:Daun
What's your favorite flower?:Tiger Lily
Who do you idolize?:seriously? Tara Mason.. she knew what she wanted in life, and even though her parents did not support it or even condone it, she went out and did it. In her own way, awesome?
If you could speak a foreign language, which would it be?:all, but I'd have to go with Russian or German. I can speak a little French.
Smell your shirt, what does it smell like?:goodness.. though I'd be hard pressed to label it.
What kind of deoderant do you use?:ban non-scented antiperspirant
What's your best physical feature?:my bum or my tummy.. though, my boobs are pretty good now
What's your favorite physical feature in the opposite sex?:the bum.
Are you afraid of the dark?:only if mirrors are around
Cold/Hot?:neither. Can't we have a nice average lukewarm in there?
Favorite Super Nintendo game::The Adventures of Link
Favorite board game::Clue
Favorite arcade game::Pac-Man
When was the last time you shagged?:a gentleman never asks, and a lady never tells.
Rate it on a scale of 1-10::10
Does anything hurt on your body right now? If yes, what?::n/a
Sleeping position::on my right side, kinda curled up
Children?:can't have em. God-son died, not looking to replace him.
Least favorite food::mm? something I ate at the Greek restaurant... it was very bitter.
Most desirable place to visit::Ireland.
Have you ever peed the bed?:yup
Do you enjoy reality tv?:not really, but I don't watch a lot of tv anyways
Do you believe in a higher power?:sorta
Are you supersticious?:no
Believe in ghosts?:yes
Ever seen a ghost?:yup
Watch porn?:not often
What's your favorite horror film?:hmmm.. Koma if that counts, or.. A Tale of Two Sisters aka Jungwha Hungreyon
What's the best book you've ever read?:really? the best? fudge.. er..? 20 Love Poems and a Song of Despair by Pablo Neruda
Lactose Intolerant?:unfortunately.. ...I love dairy items!
If you could put one thing in your mouth right now, what would it be?:a strawberry
Least favorite word::"phone-tastic"
Worst teacher::Ms. Bullard
Best kisser::Stephie
Most embarrassing moment::um.. when I had my car accident
Do you bite your nails?:yup.
Most desired length of hair on opposite sex?:short..short short.. almost none at all
Are you bilingual?:eh.. so-so
Do you work hard for your money?:at Homeland? Bah! You must be kidding...
Do you own a plant?:a tree.. but, I don't really *own* it.. I just planted it.. and occasionally when it's really hot I still water it..though it's pretty self-sufficient
Do you own a fish?:nope.. I own a cat, though.
What is on your feet right now?:nothing!
When was the last time you showered?:1 pm today
Have you ever cheated on a loved one?:no... but I lied and said I did. I have no idea why I did that.
Ever ratted someone out?:not to a serious authoratative figure, no.
Who was the last person you yelled at?:Casey?
Who was the last person you hit?:James
Who was the last person you kissed?:Casey
Are you wearing underwear?:yup
If so..what kind?:um.... well, they were a gift actually.. black boy-shorts with specialty embroidery
Do you like bananas?:sometimes..but they're a little to squishy for me.. Apples are better
Can you sing?:Well, I like to. But, I dun know if I'm any good or not.
What's your future child's name going to be?:mer.
Are you racist?:no.. but I don't think that people would readily be able to define themselves with such a term.. I think it depends on how you handle situations
Are you a homophobe?:hells no.
What's your favorite kind of animal?:fox
Have you ever been bitten by a spider?:yup, last week
Ever had a tic stuck to you?:left a nice big scar on my tum
Have you ever cried for no reason?:yeah..damn hormones
Do you have piercings?:ears
Do you have tattoos?:saving money for one
How long is your hair?:I just donated it, so it's only about shoulder length now
How long are you..okay how tall are you?:five-six or so?
What do you do for a living?:boss around kids?
Where's the prettiest place you've ever been?:Pike's Peak
Is Shakira hot?:I guess...
Do you want someone's boyfriend/girlfriend?:no
Do you have the hots for a co-worker?:*full body cringe* yeh've not seen my coworkers
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Bzoink - The Original Survey Site
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My Week... Condensed Into Bits of Conversation [May. 22nd, 2007|02:27 am]

Wednesday: at work, "I'm bored.. I think I'll make a zombie plan so I don't go to sleep..since sleeping at work is bad. Hey, this is pretty good.. yeah, I'm liking this.. Oh! A customer!" *tosses notepad below register and onto conveniently placed shelf.

Thursday: "Hey Leanna, if you find that notepad where I wrote my zombie plan, lol, would you throw that away? You're welcome to read it, though. It's pretty funny if you like zombie movies. But, yeah, I was just bored and a customer came up and I forgot to throw it away is all. I just wanted to let you know it's rubbish."
"Yeah, sure, but I didn't see it in there. Maybe Day Shift threw it away?"
"Yeah, you're probably right. It was funny, though."
Friday: "Khris, could you come out here? There's a policeman here to talk to you."
"Sure mom, just let me get dressed. I did just get outta the shower n all. *Bear in mind that during this, I thought I had a citation I didn't know about or something car related.* "Hi, can I help you?"
"Your supervisor at the casino called us and faxed this to us."
"Oh, hey! I did that at work the other night when I was bored! Sorry they got worried about it. I really did mean to throw it away. I just forgot I tossed it under the counter."
"So, you did write this?"
"Hm? Oh, yeah, sure. I wrote that. I even drew that awesome zombie crawl lettering you see there where the e is getting ready to chomp down on the c! I was very bored."
"I can see that. So, exactly what is a zombie plan?"
"Mmm, just like it sounds, really. A plan for survival in case of the supposed event of a zombie outbreak. *She looked very confused at this point, so I elaborated.* "Ok, basically it's a joke among me and my friends that like zombie movies. We watch all the movies, and the goal is to come up with the best zombie plan.. Just kinda, how clever are you? sorta deal."
"Do you need to talk to somebody? Are you feeling angry?"
"What!? Um, no... I'm pretty good. I went to a grief counselor to help me through a mourning period, but.. I'm over that now. But, thank you for asking."
She looked very confused at this point, so I uttered this little dandy.
"Um.... zombies.. aren't real."
And at that point, she looked grateful enough to cry. I really wish I knew the briefing she had been given before being dispatched. It really must have been a doozy.
"Oh, just so long as you know that. I mean, you're saying this is like a story right?"
"More or less, you have it exactly right. It's kinda like a comic book, just lacking pictures. So yeah, a storyline. That's exactly right."
"Yeah, the way they said it at the casino, they insinuated that you were plotting terrorist activity." she laughs.
"What!? No! No, are you serious? Zomg, that's bad!"
"Yeah, but you aren't plotting anything. You were just bored.
"Omg, Terrorist? Really? Omg, that's really really bad."
"Yeah, but it's ok. Have a nice day, alright? We just needed to assess the situation."
"Oh, yeah, you have a good day, too. Sorry you had to take time out to do this. I kinda wish they had just asked me about it, but I can see them prefering to have a neutral third party handle this."
"Yeah, people are sometimes unsure of how to handle these kinds of things so they usually give us a call."

* a little while later at work *
"Sorry I'm three minutes late, I had an unexpected visitor." I was trying to let the same supervisor knew that I had talked to the police without saying it in front of everyone because I figured it was sort of clandestine.
"We need you upstairs."
"We need to talk to you about something you wrote at work on Wednesday night. Please sit down." This was the main manager speaking the whole time, btw.
"Yeah, I talked to the police about it already. That's why I was late. Sorry about the confusion, I'd meant to throw that away."
"Oh. So you talked to the police already?"
"Uh-huh. Yep." Their faces kinda fell. I really think they wanted to ruin my day. "So, yeah, you're going to be suspended while we investigate you to make sure you've never attacked somebody."
"Uhm, so yeah, we'll be taking your pass point and namebadge now."
"Ok. Here you go.. So, will this be a set amount of time, or just till you call?"
"We'll have to call. We can't predict this sorta stuff."
And, so I left. While I'm leaving, my supervisor was giving me this, "I hate your kind" kinda look, which is exceptionally brilliant to do if you think someone is gonna go all shoot-em-up style. Sorry, but that never ceases to boggle my mind. Why in the world would you glare at someone you thought was nutty?!

But, yeah, I went back to my old job, and they were so happy to have me back that I thought they were gonna cry.
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My neck can breathe!!! lol [Mar. 15th, 2007|10:44 am]
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[how I jam: |t.A.T.u. it's in Russian ;_; dunno the title]

I went and got my crazy long hair all cut off today. And, the 11" ponytail they orginally cut off, will now become a hair prostheses *gods, I hope I spelled that right* for a child or young adult.

I thought I'd be kinda "meh" about the change, and not all for it, but I love it. Now, the only thing to do.. find another chicky with mad short hair (mine is framed around my face in a soft curl, btw.. and looks crazy awesome!!!) to get all kissy with and have someone take black n white photos of us. Just cause it's pretty..

And, my favorite kinda yuri/lesbian/shoujo-ai style pictures EVAR!

**** any takers? I'm cuuuuute! and curvy.. that too. can't forget the curvy.

Lol, oh yeah. The charity name is Locks of Love. You should check out their page. They're completely non-profit and they even have to pay outta pocket to make the prosthetics, so.. donations are always welcome! *wink, wink*

P.S.- I hope this makes up for offending smadaf with the bunny tail thing. I honestly just assumed when I saw it that it was fake fur. I forget that their are still skinners and trappers out there in the woodland areas.
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Woot! [Mar. 2nd, 2007|11:34 pm]
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A fellow lj-er I know is thinking of publishing an artistic pornography magazine.. I'm still not sure how exactly you can make pornography tasteful, but eh.. I'll buy into it. Well, it will be 200 pages and quarterly, and guess what?

She asked lil ol' me to write stories for it. Isn't that awfully flattering? Heh, I'm diggin' it. I started coming up with ideas for it last night and I think I'm going to do something kinda like this. Random, Random, Series, Random.. then the next year, Random, Series, Random, Random, then, Series, Random, Random, Random.. and so on and so forth. I'm sure you can pick up the pattern. I'm not sure how long it'll run for or if it's even definite yet, but I've really wanted to do some sort of series because the current things I write, although two separate connected entries based on two characters, they're not very flowing. I've never done a serialized adult content story, ..though I have done quite a few regular pieces in that manner. *shakes angry fist at old english teacher who loved submitting my things for weird contests... think I won a few, but can't really remember.. school kept the awards anyways so it's not like it matters..*

Yeah, I just thought I'd ask on here: What would you all like to see in this type of publication?

Three or More?
Toys/Solo? Toys/Multi?
Bondage? S/M? D/s?

I wanna know! Tell me! By the way, anything you say, would pretty much include any type of sex possible for that category. ^_^

P.S.- I'll probably post at least a preview of anything I write in there on here to get some feedback before it actually goes to print so long as she's ok with that. I don't want her to feel like I'm betraying the confidentiality or whatever of her publication... I'm so excited to hear what title she's going to pick for it!
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Pinnochio. [Feb. 12th, 2007|01:49 am]
Those strings are what bind you to your past. Detach yourself from them, then come talk to me. Also, fools represent rebirth, an innocent lack of knowledge, one who is willing and capable to start fresh and anew. I love fools.
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funny, kinda dumb [Feb. 8th, 2007|03:31 am]
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[sanguine or pristine? |aggravatedfed up! but amused]

My sister just saw a couple nipple clamps I have and says,
"Are those nipple clamps?"
"Yes, but I'm actually surprised you knew what they were."
"***, I'm not sexually supressed like you are. Unlike you, I know what most sex toys are.."

I even managed to stifle my laughter until she was out of my bedroom. This really was just too funny. What an idiot.
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Comment to be added [Feb. 9th, 2006|01:51 pm]
Hi, this journal is friends only. If you read my info, then of course you would already know this. Just comment to be added and make sure that your whole birthday is visible on your user info page, alright? Shadows will only hurt if there is light.

bleedingmouthgirl This image is copyright to H.T.Y. A'Deline. She is an amazing artist.
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